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Why Invest in Justice?

A justice system that works for everyone is an essential part of a functional democracy.

Too many ordinary citizens, who are in critical need of legal services, are turned away from the courts due to lack of access to capital.
Litigants who do not have adequate legal representation are unable to effectively represent themselves against well-resourced opposing parties.
A court system that functions for everyone ensures that we are upholding the promise of liberty and justice for all.

How Does CrowdDefend Work?

Meaningful access to justice is a basic right. We make funding it incredibly easy.

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Campaigns come from individuals, businesses, or organizations that are in need of funding for legal claims.

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We vet all the cases posted on our platform. Among other things, we review cases to see if they have legal merit, as well as a strong team of advocates backing it.
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Funds raised on our platform are never transferred to an individual's bank account. They must be transferred to a law firm, legal aid organization, or other legal entity.
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